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Sweet & Savoury Gluten Free Calgary Bakery

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At Miss P’s we’re on a mission to change the common misconception that “Gluten Free” means “taste free”.

We strive for perfection with every recipe we create ensuring that we offer a broad assortment of convenient, incredibly delicious and affordably priced products that you simply can’t tell are Gluten Free. Whether you have celiac disease, you’re choosing to live a Gluten Free lifestyle, or you just want some downright delectable food, you can be assured that everything we bake for you comes from very our own dedicated Gluten Free kitchen and is taste tested by Miss P herself. Miss P insists on her pie crusts being flaky, her cinnamon buns ooey- gooey, her hand-pies chockfull, and her bread soft and chewy. Simple speaking – Miss P insists on the best Gluten Free food on the planet!

Read more about Miss P and her mission to prove that Gluten Free does NOT have to be taste free!

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