Frequently Asked Questions


What is Gluten Free? 

Gluten Free simply means products made without gluten. Gluten is a protein typically found in wheat, barley and rye. 

Are your products guaranteed to be Gluten Free? 

Yes, we prepare and bake our products in a dedicated Gluten Free facility. 

Can I still order your products if I don’t have a Gluten intolerance or allergy? 

Of course! Our products are very popular with everyone because we don’t compromise on flavour! 

Are your products free of all allergens? 

Miss P’s products are all Gluten Free. Some Miss P’s products are free from dairy and eggs, please see individual item descriptions for more information. 

Do you make Birthday cakes? 

Miss P’s makes several kinds of Birthday Cupcakes that are guaranteed to be Gluten Free AND delicious! Order your Birthday Cupcakes here. 

Does Miss P’s offer Office/Event Platters? 

Yes, we have a large assortment of Crowd Pleasing Platters. We offer several Breakfast Trays, Dessert Platters, Cookie Trays and you can even order Hand Pies, Pot Pies, Lasagnas and Perogies! 

Many Gluten Free products I’ve tried are dry and tasteless. What makes Miss P’s different? 

Everything! All our recipes are tried and tested until we create the perfect flavours, textures and delicious smells! At Miss P’s we don’t compromise on anything! 

Do you deliver? 

We do! Miss P’s delivers all over the Calgary city limits. We offer Free Delivery for orders over $300 and orders under $300 are charged a $25 delivery fee. 

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